Hawkeye Moto X LIQUIDWRAP Pt2

Round two!

What can I say?

Liquidwrap nailed the R86 so I decided who better to take on my next request… My brand new 2019 Triumph Speed Twin!

We spoke for weeks and weeks on end off what style to go, I sent hundreds of inspiration pictures of bikes I had seen and liked the style of. After a little while the date had been booked and the bike was in the back of the van ready to be delivered to Liquidwrap HQ.

The artists then got to work with nothing but an illusive description of what I wanted and the strict instructions to murder it.

The day came to collect and I was still none the wiser as to what colour I was to having, nor the design! I was blown away when I walked in the door, slightly lost for words as I tried to remember what the bike looked like when I left it.

The grey was mixed by Liquidwrap and is called “Hawkeye Grey”, the Green my personal favourite “Ferrari Verde Pino” and the black a subtle accent to follow the line of the seat. It’s safe to say they thought about what they were doing and nailed it!

Now time to ride this animal!

Roll on Hawkeye Moto X Liquidwrap Pt3